Why does laser hair removal blacken? How to nurse after laser depilation?

Laser hair removal is one of the popular hair removal methods in recent years. Many women have laser hair removal for permanent hair removal. However, many people react why the skin will turn black after laser hair removal? Is it normal? In fact, laser hair removal will not darken the skin. If there is a phenomenon of blackening, it may be caused by improper care.

Why does laser hair removal blacken?

1、 No sunscreen before and after hair removal. Laser hair removal itself will not lead to skin blackening, but if you do not do a good job in sunscreen before and after the operation, it will deposit melanin in the skin under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, and then the skin blackens. Therefore, whether before or after hair removal, sunscreen measures should be taken, and sunscreen should be worn when you go out at ordinary times. Or use sunscreen tools for sunscreen.

2、 Multiple hair removal methods lead to. After laser hair removal, some people find that the hair of some hair removal parts cannot be removed cleanly, and they will take other hair removal methods to remove the hair. In this way, multiple hair removal will damage the function of skin barrier, cause the skin to become sensitive, and lead to melanin precipitation and skin blackening.

3、 Eating photosensitive food causes. Some depilators are prone to allergic constitution. After laser depilation, they ingest photosensitive food such as celery, which leads to solar dermatitis and skin blackening.

4、 Wear dark clothes. After laser hair removal, the skin will be relatively fragile. At this time, wearing dark clothes is easy to cause inflammation in the hair removal area and darken the skin. Therefore, generally after hair removal, the doctor will advise the hair remover to wear light colored clothes.

How to nurse after laser depilation?

1、 Dietary care. After laser hair removal, you should pay attention to avoid spicy food in your diet. Spicy food is easy to lead to folliculitis. You can eat more fruits and vegetables to promote the recovery of skin tissue.

2、 Wear care. After laser hair removal, you can’t wear tight clothes and some airtight clothes. You can wear pure cotton clothes to keep the air permeability of the hair removal part, which can reduce the infection of the hair removal part after operation.

3、 Do a good job of sunscreen. After laser hair removal, you should pay attention to sunscreen. When you go out, you’d better wear sunscreen or use sunscreen tools, such as a sun umbrella, wear sunscreen clothes, etc.

Warm tips: Although laser hair removal is a small operation, it does no harm to the human body. However, we should pay extra attention when choosing the depilation mechanism, because the depilation instrument of the professional depilation mechanism will be more advanced, the effect will be better, and the side effects will be relatively small, so that those seeking beauty can depilate at ease.