What is the principle of laser depilation? What are the side effects?

With the advent of summer, some women will choose laser hair removal to alleviate the embarrassment of hairiness. Laser hair removal is a lasting hair removal method, which directly destroys hair follicles. However, in the process of laser hair removal, if hair follicles are not completely destroyed, hair may grow again.

Principle of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is to use the laser to directly aim at the pigment of the hair. The laser will go deep along the hair, so as to reach the root and destroy the hair follicle. The heat generated by laser will directly damage hair follicles and prevent hair from growing again. The eldest has a certain growth cycle, which is mainly divided into dormancy, abscission and growth period. After laser hair removal, the hair will be in the dormant stage, so you need to continue hair removal after the hair grows again. Normally, laser hair removal requires multiple treatments within two months.

Permanent of laser hair removal

When laser hair removal, if the hair follicle has been completely necrotic, then hair removal is permanent. With the extension of time, it is necessary to deal with the same depilated part again to reduce the number of hair, so as to completely hear all the hair. However, there are many factors affecting whether hair grows again, such as the type of long hair and the technology of doctors. After depilation, some people found that the hair growing again was very light and thin, mainly because the hair follicle was damaged by laser. Even if there was no necrosis, the hair follicle had been damaged.

Side effects of laser hair removal

After laser hair removal, some people’s skin will appear redness, crusting or blistering. For patients with scar constitution, the stimulation reaction caused by depilation will lead to scarring, and the stimulated skin may be infected.

Before depilation, you should have a comprehensive examination to see if you have a disease. The doctor will formulate a depilation plan according to the patient’s situation to reduce the side effects on the body. After depilation, take sunscreen measures to prevent direct sunlight, because the sun will directly stimulate the skin, leaving scars or blisters. In case of severe pain, crusting, high fever or skin infection, go to the hospital in time.

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