What are the nursing after laser freckle removal

Laser is now a clinical freckle removal technology. It can help remove the spots that have been “tyrannical” for a long time, and make your facial skin flawless. But after laser freckle removal, you still need good care. So, what are the nursing after laser freckle removal?

The principle of laser freckle removal is that different types of lasers produce different light colors, and the laser of a specific wavelength is only absorbed by the pigment of the corresponding color. Therefore, the laser instrument is used to generate a high-intensity beam to fade the pigment, so as to achieve the purpose of removing the pigment spots.

Nursing after laser freckle removal:

  1. After laser freckle removal, the skin will be irradiated by the laser, and some people will have skin redness and swelling. This is a normal phenomenon, and sometimes there will be slight bleeding. This is a normal phenomenon and will subside quickly. Don’t worry.
  2. Generally, the scab on the wound will recede in about a week. After removing the scab, the skin is the weakest and pink. At this time, we must ensure the cleanness and hygiene of the skin.
  3. Protect the cleanliness of the treatment area and avoid infection. In addition, after this treatment, the skin will become very sensitive, delicate and easy to leave traces. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and sunscreen for a few days after operation, try to avoid going out, and be sure to use sunscreen.
  4. If the pigment does not completely recede in about three months, conduct another whitening and freckle removal treatment.
  5. Pay attention to diet. Do not eat foods with high pigment content to prevent pigmentation in local areas, such as coffee, celery and other photosensitive foods. In addition, avoid spicy and irritating foods.