Three factors affecting the effect of laser hair removal

Many people have different effects after laser hair removal. Why? What factors affect the effect of laser hair removal? Today, let’s learn about the three factors that affect the effect of laser hair removal.

  1. Physical differences also affect the effect of laser hair removal

Everyone’s constitution is different, and the density and growth ability of hair are also different, and the effect of hair removal is also different. Therefore, different individuals adopt the same hair removal method. Some sensitive people may be able to get rid of all at one time, while others insensitive people may have to take off many times to achieve the effect.

  1. Skin and hair color differences lead to different laser hair removal effects

The skin color and hair color will also be different in treatment. Because the selectivity of laser treatment is particularly strong, it is determined according to the pigment in the skin. In other words, the hair follicles in different parts have different reactions to laser hair removal. In the same individual, the hair removal effects in different parts are also different, Because the pigments in different parts are also different.

  1. The effect of laser hair removal is different with different equipment

In terms of equipment, different treatment equipment have certain differences in effect. The laser light source has a great impact on the laser hair removal effect, that is, the treatment effect of some instruments with high laser light source intensity will be better than those with low light source intensity.

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