Laser hair removal is not suitable for all people

Some data show that laser hair removal is not suitable for all people, and people such as photoallergic responders are not suitable for laser hair removal. So, how do you know if you are suitable for laser hair removal?

1。 Before laser hair removal, small pieces of test should be carried out on 3 skin. These small tests should be relatively close. Pulse tests with specific duration intervals are generally performed on each skin. Start the test from low energy and gradually increase the pulse width and energy.

2。 A little clean cold gel (about 2 millimeters) was applied to the skin, and the light guide was cooled for 3~4 seconds. The sapphire crystal was contacted with the skin, and then a pulse was applied to the test site. After waiting for 15 minutes, if there are no large redness, blisters and burns, use it once at another test part

3。 If there are no adverse reactions after the second small trial, the treatment of the third trial can be started. If blisters still appear after using the weakest pulse, the treatment should be stopped and the small block test should be repeated with low energy before another treatment 1 ~ 2 weeks later.

4。 Ideally, patients should be asked to return to visit after 3 ~ 5 days for evaluation and first treatment. Where the hair has fallen, the pulse energy is enough.

5。 In some cases, it may be necessary to use tweezers to pull out the hair to judge the test results. If the hair is easy to pull out, the pulse width and energy settings are enough. If this is not the case, it is best to increase the pulse width and energy.

6。 If the results are in doubt, a small test can be carried out on another skin with a higher pulse.

Through the above introduction, I believe you already know what symptoms are suitable for laser hair removal. I hope it can help you who love beauty.

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