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How To Bypass Facebook Photo Tag Verification

Overview Of Bypass Photo Tag Verification 100% Working:

Facebook is the best social network that is used in all over the world. Everyone has a facebook to communicate with one anther some people use his facebook account full secure. If your account is fully secured then it’s not easy to hack facebook account. If someone can’t hack your account then he will try to block your facebook account using some techniques. If you face Photo Tag Verification problem I recommend read this article and follow given below steps that are given is screenshots.Bypass Facebook ID Verification

Screenshots Of Facebook Bypass Photo Tag Verification:

If your account is blocked and you are the owner of a facebook account facebook take action that you are the owner of this account or other person is an owner of this account. In this article, I am going to show you how to unlock your blocked account. If you don’t know that person is my facebook account friend click skip this step. Today you will learn all about How to Bypass Facebook Photo Tag For Blocked Account and get a solution of getting rid of this problem.FB Photo Tag Verification SolutionToday friend you will learn all about in easy method photo verification on your facebook account. If your account is temporarily blocked here you will do some unusual activities to unlock your account easily. Your account is blocked due to some reason that you upload porn videos or naked images or other reason is that some boys made facebook account on false information on new account facebook now allow for doing this kind of activities with any accout.

Why Your Facebook Account Blocked:

When you add the new post to your facebook account you mention some friend in your post it is called tag. Sometimes facebook asks some question that who is that you tag in your post if you know his name and picture then you can easily solve this problem. If you don’t identify your friend facebook picture then you verify again and again but after few minutes you will receive this message, “Your hourly image tag verification limit exceed !”  after this notification you will not open your account.

How To Solve Image Verification Method By Using Proxy:

Now I am going to share with you 100% working to get back your facebook account that is temporarily blocked within few minutes. If you use another fake method to unlock your account then it will be blocked permanently. Somethings are required to solve photo tag verification that is given below:

  1. Computer with Keyboard and Mouse.
  2. Google Chrome web browser.
  3. Best Internet Connection.
  4. Install Free VPN Proxy in Google Chrome.
  5. Mobile number that is currently with you.

Above requirements are necessary to unlock your account. Now I am going to share you this process with screenshots step by step easily

  • First Open Google Chrome then click on DotVPN or Click here.
  • Add DotVPN is your Google Chrome and activate it by using your email address.

  • Now click on a proxy icon in google chrome.
  • Click on connect button and change location of your proxy like “Japan”

How To Bypass Facebook Photo Tag Verification

  • Now open  “” on Google Chrome.

  • Enter your Email ID and password in boxes.
  • Now Click on Login button.

  1. In this dialog box enter a new active mobile number that not used before on facebook.
  2. Change Country Code and click on continue button.

After completing this step you will receive a text message on your mobile number.

  • Confirm your security.

  • In this step enter a confirmation code.
  • Click on Confirm button.

  • Now Click on save setting button and follow next step.

  • Your account is fully activated now click on “OK”

  • Your account is completely unlocked.

  • In this step click on “OK” or “Not Now” button.

  • Now your account is successfully activated.

I have you understand all method to unlock your temporary facebook account. If your account successfully opened then share this article with your friend.


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