How long does laser depilation take?

In summer, in order to get rid of excess hair and show beauty and sexuality, many people will choose hair removal surgery. Common and effective hair removal methods include laser hair removal. In theory, laser hair removal can achieve permanent hair removal, but due to different growth periods of hair, general laser hair removal cannot be completed at one time. Then, how long does laser hair removal take?.

Because the target of laser hair removal is to eliminate the melanin in hair follicles, and long-term hair has the highest melanin content, the strongest light absorption and the greatest damage to hair follicles. Depilation during retirement or rest period has little effect. At the same time, some hair is always in the growth period, and some are in the degenerative or resting period. A treatment only plays the role of depilation for the hair in the growth period at that time. Some hair in the degenerative or resting period will develop into the progressive period and need to be treated again.

So, how often does laser hair removal take? Depilation once every 1 ~ 2 months. If laser depilation, 4 ~ 6 times will have obvious effect. The thicker and darker the hair, the fewer times it takes. The particularly obvious lip hair around the mouth takes about 6 ~ 8 times to have an obvious effect.

Generally speaking, 90% of the hair will not grow after laser hair removal. Even a little regrowth hair will become thinner and shallower, because it is not obvious and does not affect the beauty. The effect of depilation will also be affected by hair location, hair thickness, color, skin color and so on.

Before depilation, ask a dermatologist to check the possibility of related diseases. After excluding the possibility of internal organ diseases, if you choose laser hair removal, you should also find a professional doctor. The dermatologist will adjust the dose according to the individual skin color and hair thickness. Otherwise, in case of improper operation, it is easy to cause skin scald and unnecessary damage to the body.