Expert: laser hair removal should be carried out several times

Laser hair removal is one of the most widely used hair removal methods at present. Many people have a misunderstanding about laser hair removal. They think that laser hair removal can achieve permanent hair removal effect as long as one treatment. In fact, it’s wrong to think about it. Laser hair removal is a hair removal method that destroys hair follicles by laser irradiation, so as to achieve the effect of hair removal. In other words, laser hair removal is closely related to the growth cycle of hair.

Hair growth is generally divided into growth period, degenerative period and quiescent period. Hair in the growth stage contains the most melanin and is extremely sensitive to laser; The hair in the degenerative and quiescent phase does not absorb the energy of the laser. Therefore, laser hair removal treatment can only work after these hairs turn into the growth period, so laser hair removal needs multiple treatments to achieve obvious results.

And based on different parts of hair have different growth cycles, the time interval of each laser hair removal treatment is also different. If the stationary period of head hair is relatively short, the interval is about 1 month; The rest period of trunk and limb hair is relatively long, with an interval of about 2 months. In general, laser hair removal requires an interval of about 4-8 weeks between each course of treatment. The next laser hair removal treatment is feasible only after new hair grows out. Different individuals, different parts and different hairs have different times and intervals of laser hair removal treatment. Generally, after 3-5 times of treatment, all patients can get permanent hair loss. Even if there is a small amount of regeneration, the regenerated hair is thinner, shorter and lighter than the original.

The current laser hair removal treatment can not completely destroy all hair follicles at one time, but a slow, limited and selective destruction. Therefore, it is suggested that patients should communicate with beauticians before laser hair removal, so as to avoid having great expectations for laser hair removal, but they are disappointed that one-time treatment of laser hair removal can not achieve permanent hair removal effect.